Hey Beautiful

Thanks for stopping by, it means the world to me and I am truly honoured to share my work and space with you.

You see I’ve always believed that people and events come into our life to help us live out our soul purpose for this one, extraordinary and amazing life we have been gifted.

So there are no mistakes. You are meant to be here!

My deepest wish is that through my writing, e-books, workshops and online programs you are able to receive the tools and education you require to implement some amazing practices into your life and feel empowered to step into who you truly want to be.

Circle She Loves Profile

A little more about me…

My name is Anna-Nicole Del-Re  and I live in the beautiful city of Perth in Australia.

I am a writer, creative, dreamchaser and spiritual lightworker.

I have a love affair with ice-cream, reading, lazy days at the beach, spending quality time with my beautiful family and friends and travelling to beautiful destinations across the globe.

But more than anything, I love to work with women just like you and me to create a vision for their life that includes abundant wealth, health and love.

I once was a little girl who always had a pen and paper in her hand, who loved to write, dance and ride her bike and who dreamed of building an empire and creating a magical and blessed life for herself.

The road hasn’t always been easy in this crazy journey we call life. For years, I lived in shame, sadness and anxiety. I was unwell and fearful I wasn’t living the life I knew I was destined to lead. I was crippled with anxiety and I was desperate to find myself. That little girl with big dreams seemed to have disappeared somewhere…

So piece by piece, I slowly found my way back to her. The real, authentic me!

So that feeling of being stuck and lost or being afraid of what the future might bring. I totally understand how that feels because I have been there too. It’s scary and overwhelming and frustrating all at once. But always remember your greatest challenges will always lead you to your greatest potential. Those challenges that come your way are there to serve you on your divine mission and purpose, teaching and guiding you so your spirit can grow and evolve.

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The She Loves Mission

My absolute mission for She Loves is to inspire women to create a life with purpose and vision, empowering them to reach their greatest potential.

Every woman deserves to live an abundant and meaningful life and I truly believe that when you surround your life with the things you love and live in your highest values, magic can truly happen. Doors will open, chance meetings will occur and you will become a magnet to creating anything your heart truly desires.

You are a divine being living a human existence after all. No one on this earth is like you. You have your very own special gifts, talents and skills that the world needs you to share.  

You beautiful girl were born to shine and my wish is that you begin the journey to learning everything there is to know about yourself, so you can fall madly in love with the incredible woman you are. 

So thanks again for stopping by and I am so looking forward to working with you and

creating some magic together…

Lots of Love