Are we really happy when we get what we want?

Throughout our lives there are events, people and achievements we want more than anything. We bravely embark on creating these wonderful moments in our life. We become addicted to wanting them. We feel a burning desire for the unfamiliar. It seems to set off some sort of magic inside us that propels us to manifest this vision, to create something greater than who we are today. It evokes feelings of passion, honesty, vulnerability, commitment, drive and motivation and through this experience we feel more alive than ever before.

We visualise what it could be and feel like to have this something in our life.  It could be the man or woman we imagine as being the person we could spend the rest of your life with, we feel a connection to them, we become totally consumed by them as they take over our every thought and feeling. They are the something we desire more than anything. In these moments, we feel alive even just dreaming about being with them, without even having them yet. We don’t only pursue love; we also become dreamers when we think about careers and achievements that will give us recognition and a sense of purpose to work in that arena everyday. We visualise being that person who has written that book, signed that recording contract, found that cure. No matter what that something is that sets your soul on fire, not having that in our lives would seem soul destroying. Then if we look deeper into this. Is it the fact that it is unattainable that makes us long for it even more?

As human beings we seem to desire what is out of reach. We crave this feeling of longing, the chase, the idea of what could be if we were to attain what our heart so deeply desires. It is the longing for something more and the part of us that we feel is missing that actually feeds us more than anything. We almost become addicted to the idea of it more than actually obtaining it.

And say we do achieve it, then what? Are we truly happy when we receive it? Or do we simply create something new to long for and desire because deep down that is what makes our heart beat.

Finding a Purpose

As spiritual beings our soul is awakened through these experiences, knowing that there is more out there, more to obtain, more to create, more to evolve into. Throughout our lifetime, we are drawn to people, places and connections. We are here to experience life however simple or large we want to make it. The connections we encounter are the very essence of our spiritual journey and the longing, rejection, sadness we come to endure from this are simply there to serve us on the highest spiritual level. To help us seek gratitude and to allow us to step into our true authentic self.

Not getting what we want can sometimes be a great stroke of luck and sometimes what we do get is far greater than what we could have imagined for ourselves. And the experience of not getting something and the lessons and blessings it brings can be truly rewarding in itself.

In the space where you are working towards making something happen, you are living, dreaming and have a greater sense of purpose. Without this, we fall into depression. Depression is living in the past and losing your sense of purpose. When we are in a depressed state there is the underlying sense that something is missing in our lives. What we are missing is direction and belonging. We are missing the spark that fuels our energy to live. Bringing yourself out of this becomes about creating something that you are driven towards that is larger than who you are, something that invigorates you and awakens your soul.

“Depression is living in the past and losing your sense of purpose.”

So whether we are working towards achieving something and get what we want or whether life hands us a different card and we don’t, both outcomes leave us with a remarkable journey and for any human being that journey can be electrifying.

Did you get what you wanted and then went looking for something more?

Can you relate to longing for something and seeing that the journey alone makes you feel alive?
Would love to read your thoughts or have you share your experiences in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Anna-Nicole xx





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