An Interview with the fabulous Diane Porteous from MPowerment Consulting

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A big reason I started blogging was to interview women and get inspired by their stories and share this with my readers. When I studied journalism conducting an interview was one of my favourite things to do. Recently, I asked the fabulous Diane Porteous from MPowerment Consulting to share her story. Diane is passionate about Brand Strategy, Strategic Marketing & Communications, Leadership Development& Coaching clients using the power of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). I first met Diane at a women's networking lunch about a year ago where I heard her speak and immediately ... [Read More...]

Best Books to Inspire Every Girl Boss


Sitting on my desk is a collection of some of my favourite books about women succeeding in business. I love to be inspired by women you have built empires, achieved their goals and are sharing their knowledge and passion with others. I have read all of them from start to finish but having them on my desk means I can pick them up at anytime and just get a little dose of inspiration. If you're a budding female entrepreneur who has some big dreams, I highly recommend adding these titles to your reading list. One common theme across all the books is these women all experienced some tough times to ... [Read More...]

Why every leader needs a Business Coach

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Business coaching is a bit like hiring a personal trainer. They keep you focused and accountable to running a healthy and profitable business. Here are some important reasons why every leader or business owner should invest in having a business coach.  YOU HAVE SOMEONE TO CONFIDE IN- They say it can be lonely on the top. You are the one orchestrating the direction of your team and ensuring the business runs to its full potential. You might be experiencing some financial stress and challenges and sometimes you have no one else to speak to about your deepest thoughts and goals for the ... [Read More...]

Fashion Favourites- Leopard Love

Vince Camuto Bracelet

By Natalie Tombides Leopard is one trend that is here to stay. With countless models, stylists and bloggers sporting leopard print I think it’s about time you introduce leopard print into your wardrobe. The best thing about this Winter’15 trend is that when choosing to wear leopard print, you can go as minimal or as bold as you like with it. Leopard print is very individual, with so many variations and pieces available, there really is something that will reflect every girls personality. For example, if you feel self-conscience about wearing leopard print then start with a thin belt, this ... [Read More...]

How to find the perfect pair of recycled jeans.

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By Sara Doore We all love a great pair of worn in jeans that hugs you in all the right places, yet hides all of those little pesky lumps and bumps. But if you are like me you also don’t want the stress and anxiety of trying on hundreds of jeans only to walk away disheartened and with nothing. So after two pregnancies, which has blessed me with two beautiful babies but at the same time left me with a body that I don’t even recognise anymore I decided it was time to ditch my maternity jeans and get my sexy back, in a Mummy way of course. Now with a tighter budget and the cost of living higher ... [Read More...]