Understanding Your Soul Contract

Divine Mission

Live your life in accordance to your divine mission & plan! You miss the bus, you drive a different way to work, you fall in love and it doesn't work out, you sit next to someone on the plane, you miss out on that job. Maybe those chance meetings or things that don't work out, are the universe keeping us on track, making sure we stay focused on our divine mission and purpose for this life. Before you came into this world, you signed a soul contract. You chose what you wanted to learn, the challenges you wanted to face and the relationships you were going to have in this lifetime. ... [Read More...]

Take Me to Palm Beach

Palm Beach 5

So delighted to be sharing these photos with you from my recent summertime adventure to beautiful Palm Beach. When I think of the drive to Palm Beach I think of luscious green trees and the sounds of birds in a rainforest. It's about an hour's drive out of Sydney and a perfect little getaway for a day, or if you have the luxury of staying longer you won't be disappointed. What I loved about Palm Beach were the calm beaches, watching the boats sway in the ocean and hearing the sound of children laughing as they run in and out of the water. It was quaint, very relaxed and the perfect ... [Read More...]

She Loves Paper Pouf Pom Pom Chandelier


I stumbled across this wonderful site www.shopparcel.com.au and feel in love with these gorgeous Paper Pouf Chandeliers which I just had to share with you all. They are just adorable and I have purchased one for my apartment and absolutely love the colours!! Parcel is a paper shop from New Jersey and their website is so pretty with sweet music playing in the background. They run classes, design custom invitations and of course what really caught my eye were these delightful Paper Pouf Pom Pom Chandeliers. They are described on their website as being one of the crown jewels from their ... [Read More...]