Understanding Your Soul Contract

Divine Mission

Live your life in accordance to your divine mission & plan! You miss the bus, you drive a different way to work, you fall in love and it doesn't work out, you sit next to someone on the plane, you miss out on that job. Maybe those chance meetings or things that don't work out, are the universe keeping us on track, making sure we stay focused on our divine mission and purpose for this life. Before you came into this world, you signed a soul contract. You chose what you wanted to learn, the challenges you wanted to face and the relationships you were going to have in this lifetime. ... [Read More...]

Are we really happy when we get what we want?

Finding a Purpose

Throughout our lives there are events, people and achievements we want more than anything. We bravely embark on creating these wonderful moments in our life. We become addicted to wanting them. We feel a burning desire for the unfamiliar. It seems to set off some sort of magic inside us that propels us to manifest this vision, to create something greater than who we are today. It evokes feelings of passion, honesty, vulnerability, commitment, drive and motivation and through this experience we feel more alive than ever before. We visualise what it could be and feel like to have this ... [Read More...]

The Ultimate Experience- The Mindset and Leadership Summit in Mexico


Learning from the greatest minds in Personal Development. One month ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with my team and a wonderful group of people from MJB Seminars to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the Mindset and Leadership Summit. This was a week of learning, inspiration and education with like-minded souls I will never forget. We had some amazing speakers join us for the adventure including Dan Millman, Dr John Demartini. Dave Logan and Dr Joe Dispenza. All these amazing minds shared their incredible research and knowledge on human behaviour, quantum physics, mindset, ... [Read More...]

Taking The Time to Realise You Have Achieved Your Goals

My Apartment

This week, I was working from my desk at home and I took in a really lovely moment for myself and thought, "WOW" I actually achieved my goal. What do I mean by this? Well year's ago, I wanted to have my own apartment and I would visualise writing and working in my own creative space that was full of all the things I love. When I stopped to notice this week that I had actually created this for myself, it made me really happy as well as a little guilty for not appreciating it sooner. You see sometimes we don't realise that we are actually hitting our goals. Instead, we become so focused on ... [Read More...]

10 Things I Learnt from An Evening with Oprah


Last night Oprah reminded me of a few things. She reminded me of how important it is to listen to your spirit, to simply say no, to surrender your dreams, to master your fate and stay true to who you are.  She stood there and spoke for 2 hours without even stopping for a glass of water. She mesmerised an audience in Perth of 15,000 people with her extraordinary talent of communication and I feel so lucky to have experienced hearing this incredible woman speak and share her journey with us all. WHAT I LEARNT FROM AN EVENING WITH OPRAH 1. SURRENDER- When we yearn for something so much and ... [Read More...]