This Is The Kind Of Love She Will Wait For

Self Love

To fall in love with her wasn’t easy. She had walls built up over years of pain and rejection. She could be forgiven however, for her heart was pure and she had so much love to share with the right man. She just wasn’t going to hand it over so easily like she had in the past. She had learnt her lessons and she didn’t have the strength to be taken for granted anymore. She knew what she was looking for and she loved herself enough to give herself the love she deserved. She knew she would find the one when he didn’t turn away. When he chose to patiently wait for her to come out of her shell. ... [Read More...]

Don’t forget you were once a little girl with big dreams…


There is a little girl inside you.  Do you remember her?  The young, beautiful and innocent you.  Would you speak so harshly to that little girl? Would you tear her down? Criticise her and push her to her limits?  You are still that little girl... A little girl who requires your love, devotion and care.  She is full of hopes and dreams and believes anything is possible.  Would you ever want to take that away from her?  Would you ever want to stand in the way of her reaching her greatest potential?  Would you ever tell her she is not beautiful or that she does not possess so many ... [Read More...]